Using the Toolkit


What Is All This?

The FailSafe toolkit is divided into modules. Each module has one or more activities for you and the members of your student organization to do. Some of the activities are just for you and the small leadership team we suggest you assemble. Some are for your entire membership and can be done at one of your group’s regular meetings. You’ll do other activities as regular practices once everyone in your group learns about them.

Each activity comes with a set of general instructions called an Overview. This, along with the video at the top of each module, tell you what the module is about, how it can help address one aspect of managing alcohol risks, and what you will need to do the activity. The Overview explains every activity in the module.

There is also a set of instructions in each module for the person serving as your Coach. The instructions provide tips for how the Coach can support you and hold the group accountable for doing the activities.

The toolkit also includes templates, forms, scripts, and other things you’ll need to do the activities. You can access all of these materials through a mobile device and print them out, if you choose. Some of these materials you’ll use as handouts for group activities and others provide you with guidance for leading a discussion or presentation.

Where Do I Start?

  1. Get your leadership team together. The leadership team is two or three other group members who have the respect of your membership, whether they are officers or just opinion leaders in the group. These people will help you conduct an assessment of your group and lead the activities. Make sure the leadership team is fully committed to using FailSafe with your organization.
  2. Be sure to have your Coach in place. Set up a schedule of regular check-ins with your Coach, and let him or her know about the challenges you face in using the toolkit. Your Coach is there to help! You’ll want to meet weekly with your Coach so that you have support throughout the semester or year.
  3. Read the instructions. No, really. Start work on each module by watching the video for the module and then reading the Overview. The more you understand the point of each activity, the better the group will be able to follow.
  4. Get the entire group on board. Let the entire membership know that you’re going to do the FailSafe activities this academic year, and explain why it is important to the organization to get the most out of the experience. To help, Module 1 includes a sample script for talking to your group about FailSafe.

The modules are in a specific order. We recommend that you work on them in that order. We strongly recommend that you begin with Modules 1 and 2 before working on any other module. Modules 1 and 2 help you and your members see what the group needs to work on; they give you a map for where to focus. Modules 3 to 6 each focus on issues that can help you to reduce risk, and Module 7 helps you to understand and share your organization’s successes at becoming FailSafe.

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